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Milestone Inspections
Structural Assessments & Drawings
Construction Monitoring
Forensics & Expert Testimony

Milestone Inspections

Aiming to do everything in Phase 1, we seek to avoid Phase 2.

Recertifications - Structural, Electrical, Thermal and Illumination.

Property condition reports


Milestone Inspection timelines you need to know

  • At 30 years and every 10 years after, unless modified by officials.
  • 3+ story residential condos/co-ops.
  • Buildings with a CO 1992 or earlier must be completed by 12/31/2024.
  • Must notice unit owners within 14 days of receiving the letter from the city that the inspection is due.
  • Notice to unitowners 14 days after receiving a written notice from the city.
  • Phase 1 completed within 180 days of the given notice.
  • If a Phase 2 is needed, associations have 180 days to complete it after Phase 1, or provide a progress report with a completion timeline to the city.
  • Summary report must be provided to owners by mail and email, posted on site and on the community website (if required) within 45 days of receiving the Phase 1 or 2 report.
  • Repairs must commence within 365 days of receiving a Phase 2, and progress must be reported to the city official.
  • City officials can change timelines as they see fit.

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Structural Assessments
& Drawings

Structural assessments: finding the real problem, and how to fix it.

Design specifications: detailed repair plans & stamped architectural drawings.

Sealed Envelope Bidding: don’t stress, we qualify the right contractors for the right price.



Avoid construction defects: QC your GC.

Forensics & Expert Testimony

What caused it? Experts who can not only produce reports but articulate them.

Causation reports
Expert testimony
Dispute resolution