Milestone I & II / Recertifications

Stone Building Solutions is a leading provider of professional engineering and architectural services in Florida, including Milestone Inspections. These essential inspections play a critical role in maintaining the safety and integrity of your condominium. Our team of licensed architects and engineers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate this detailed process, ensuring your building remains structurally sound for its intended use.

About Milestone Inspections

A Milestone Inspection is a comprehensive structural assessment conducted by a licensed architect or engineer. These inspections are mandatory for all condominiums and cooperative buildings in Florida that are 30 years old and have three or more floors. The primary purpose of Milestone Inspections is to ensure the safety of buildings by examining their structural components and overall condition. The focus is not on whether a building complies with the Florida Building Code or the fire safety code, but rather on its structural integrity.

The Milestone Inspection consists of two distinct phases. In Phase One, our team performs a visual examination of habitable and non-habitable areas, evaluating the building’s major structural components. If no signs of substantial structural deterioration are found, Phase Two is not required. However, if significant structural issues are identified, a more detailed inspection (Phase Two) is initiated. This phase may involve destructive or non-destructive testing as needed to assess areas of structural distress thoroughly.

It’s crucial to remember that these inspections are required every 10 years after the initial 30-year mark, ensuring the continued safety and structural soundness of your building.

How Stone Building Solutions Can Help

At Stone Building Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of Milestone Inspections. Our goal is to thoroughly cover every necessary inspection point during Phase One, effectively minimizing the need for a Phase Two inspection whenever possible. During Phase One, we will conduct a comprehensive visual examination of your building, documenting the condition of all major structural components. If significant structural issues are identified necessitating Phase Two, we will implement both non-destructive and destructive testing methodologies as appropriate, to comprehensively assess all areas of structural concern. Following each phase, our team will prepare and submit a detailed inspection report.

Moreover, if repairs are deemed necessary, we will guide you through the steps of obtaining the appropriate building permits and ensuring all repairs are performed to the highest standards.

Why Choose Our Milestone Inspection Services?

At Stone Building Solutions, our team of licensed architects and engineers are not only highly experienced in conducting Milestone Inspections but also excel in delivering comprehensive reports to clarify the condition of your building and any steps needed for its safety. We don’t abandon you post-inspection but instead, offer continued guidance and support to help you understand our findings and to action necessary steps. Recognizing the urgency of these inspections, we are committed to providing timely service within required deadlines. Emphasizing a customer-centric approach, we ensure your satisfaction is our top priority, addressing your concerns and answering your queries throughout the entire process.

Milestone Phase II

At Stone Building Solutions, we are committed to maintaining the safety and integrity of your condominium through our comprehensive Milestone Inspections. While our goal is to thoroughly cover every necessary inspection point during Phase One, there are instances when a Phase Two inspection becomes inevitable. Don’t worry; our team of licensed architects and engineers is fully equipped to carry out these more in-depth inspections to ensure the continued structural soundness of your building.

How Do Milestone Phase II Inspections Work?

A Milestone Phase II Inspection commences upon the identification of significant structural decay during the initial Phase One inspection. This stage of the inspection delves deeper into the building’s structural health, using both non-destructive and destructive testing methods as directed by our licensed inspector. The scope of this inspection can vary depending on the extent necessary to thoroughly evaluate areas of structural distress and ensure the building’s structural integrity and safety for its intended use.

Our inspection strategy includes selecting test locations that minimize disruption and ease of repair, while still providing a comprehensive representation of the building’s structural state. After the inspection, a report is compiled to document our findings and suggest a plan for assessing and repairing distressed and damaged sections of the building.

How Stone Building Solutions Can Help

Stone Building Solutions understands the complexities of a Milestone Phase II Inspection. If hazards necessitate occupant evacuation or temporary support, we promptly inform the condominium association and the Code Official. After conducting the inspection, our team prepares a detailed report that abides by all necessary requirements, such as explaining the type and method of inspection, pinpointing any severe structural decay, and advising on remedial or preventive maintenance for any items that are damaged but not severely structurally deteriorated.

Moreover, we ensure that the report carries the seal and signature of the Registered Design Professional who conducted the inspection. We are committed to maintaining open lines of communication with the condominium association or cooperative association, and the local government building official. Copies of our summary report will be distributed to every condominium or cooperative unit owner, displayed prominently on the property, and uploaded onto the association’s website.

Why Choose Our Milestone Phase II Inspection Services?

Choosing Stone Building Solutions for your Milestone Phase II Inspection offers numerous benefits. Our team of licensed architects and engineers bring a wealth of experience in conducting Phase II Inspections, delivering a thorough and accurate evaluation of your building’s structural integrity. We go beyond just identifying issues, providing a comprehensive report that details our findings and the recommended corrective actions, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding the necessary repairs.

For more information about Milestone Inspections I & II, feel free to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our engineers are looking for deficiencies in the building that could cause structural or safety concerns for its residents. We are not there to make sure the building is fully up to code, but to make sure it is safe.