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Condo Safety Webinar of THE YEAR

DEC 19, 2023

“Siri, define UNMISSABLE.” If you handle condos, you’ll need a stepping stone. Watch this Webinar of THE YEAR now. You’re busy and missed it, we get it. THIS IS YOUR 2024 SPRINGBOARD. Reinforced by Senator Jason Pizzo (D) and Senator Jennifer Bradley (R) — titans of the bipartisan Condo Safety SB154 law, fixing Florida structurally & fiscally. Topics: Safety &...


Past Webinars


Condo Law Updates?

Yes, we did another webinar. Call us Webinar Kings. Or webiNERDS. Either way, nobody covers condo property laws like we do. No stone unturned. If you know, you know SB154...

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Florida “Glitch Bill” Revisions

Ok, this is a BIG one. SB154 got signed into law; condos & managers into complying with disclosure laws. Laws they may not know. Watch these experts break down all...

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Florida Condo Laws. A 2023 Recap

We like our community association facts set in stone. Property laws included. Featuring Tara Stone, CEO of Stone Building Solutions, a top engineering & reserves firm; Phil Masi, President of...