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We specialize in providing engineering services to guide the conceptualization, execution, and assessment aspects of construction. Our team also offers expert assistance in appraisals, damage claims, and reserve studies to help you handle the financial side of things effectively.

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Our Location

Coral Gables, FL

Our team of professionals at Stone Building Solutions in Coral Gables, FL offers a complete spectrum of structural Engineering, Reserve Studies (and SIRS) and Insurance Recovery services. Among our key areas of expertise are engineering solutions that stand the test of time, damage claim services to help with loss control, reserve services for financial planning, and appraisal services.

Our Location

St. Petersburg, FL

Stone Building Solutions provides a complete range of services for all condominium and commercial buildings. Our solutions in St. Petersburg, FL cover every aspect of Engineering, Construction Monitoring, Reserve Studies (SIRS and Traditional), Valuation Appraisals and Damage Claims; and we are on hand to smooth out the bottlenecks you might encounter along the way.

Our Location

Piscataway NJ

Stone Building Solutions is your one-stop shop for all Engineering, Reserves, and Insurance Recovery needs, providing high-quality structural and fiscal solutions in Piscataway, NJ. We specialize in all aspects of commercial and condominium buildings, ranging from design and construction to maintenance, evaluation, and everything in between.

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