2024 FLCAJ Diamond Award Winners! 4th straight year.

Construction, Engineering, Building Services _ Stone Diamond Winners._page-0001

Rockstars did it! 2024 FLCAJ Diamond Award Winners. 4th straight year.

This win is for “Engineering, Construction and Building Services.”

And Stone Building Solutions is officially:

  • Florida’s 1st one-stop-shop for engineering, reserves, claims and appraisals. Pioneers in those 4 specific sectors. Nobody else combines.
  • Florida’s ONLY one-stop-shop AWARDED FOR ALL 4 of those sectors!

Unrelated, it just so happens that only 18 firms in Florida are entrusted with Structural Safety & Reserve reporting. Yes, we’re one.

The deadline is also one… for 17,000 communities with 3+ stories and age 30+.

The stoneship looks like it’s ready to LAUNCH!

Link to the Award Winners in the publication: https://pubs.royle.com/publication/?m=20532&i=816078&p=126&ver=html5