Stone Claims Group: The Damage Claims Division of Stone Building Solutions

Stone Claims Group The Damage Claims Division of Stone Building Solutions

When it comes to a comprehensive solution for engineering, insurance recovery, appraisals, and more, Stone Building Solutions is a name that carries weight in the industry. Known for its wide array of services including architectural designs, reserve studies, insurance appraisals, and more, Stone Building Solutions is a force to reckon with. Among its reputable divisions, one that stands out in its expertise and unwavering commitment to customer service is the Stone Claims Group.

A Commitment to Excellence in Damage Claims

Stone Claims Group is the Damage Claims division of Stone Building Solutions, an industry leader for over 20 years. Specializing in the intricate field of commercial insurance claims, Stone Claims Group has the depth of experience to handle claims pertaining to various establishments. From condominium associations and multi-family buildings to public buildings and strip malls, no claim is too complex for the team at Stone Claims Group.

Unrivaled Public Adjusting Experience and Expertise

Each public adjuster in Stone Claims Group brings at least a decade of experience in the industry. This not only validates their competence but also establishes the group’s overall reputation in the field. Stone Claims Group’s keen eye for selecting the most proficient adjusters ensures that you are getting top-tier service with every interaction.

Staying Ahead with Data

Stone Claims Group isn’t just about claims processing. It’s about staying ahead of the game. This group takes pride in being data-hungry. With the understanding that information is power, especially in a 21st-century environment, Stone Claims Group utilizes the best investigative tools available, ensuring that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your property insurance claim.

Building Relationships with Forensic Experts

Beyond the extensive in-house expertise, Stone Claims Group also has established relationships with leading forensic experts. This strategic move empowers the group to push the limits of claims investigation, ensuring that clients get the best outcomes.

A Total Building Solution

In the grand scheme of Stone Building Solutions, Stone Claims Group plays an essential role. With a team of experienced public adjusters, a penchant for data, and a network of forensic experts, the Stone Claims Group continues to elevate the company’s standing as a National leader in commercial and condominium engineering, insurance recovery, and appraisals. Trust in Stone Building Solutions, trust in Stone Claims Group – your total building solution.