A. Matteis

Weisbrod Matteis & Copley has worked on disaster recovery projects with Michael Caputo, director of strategic accounts at Stone Claims Group, for many years, through many storms.Michael was a valuable member of our team when we represented insurance company whistleblowers in massive litigation after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Gulf Coast in 2005. He led important client relations work after Hurricane Sandy blasted the northeast in 2012, when we helped more than 1,000 policyholders recover fair damages from insurers. And, in the wake of Hurricane Mara, Michael was an impact player in our work on-the-ground for Aguadilla, a seaside city in Puerto Rico devastated by the 2017 Category 4 storm.Michael has the knowledge, experience, integrity, and energy to help assure his clients get what they deserve. Stone Claims Group has the same reputation fighting for fairness on behalf of policyholders. He is a great addition to their team.