D. Cespedes

I have been the president of Ocean Breeze Condominium for the last two years. With all the new state required building laws we needed to wrap our brains around what pertained to us and the best way to get it done. This meant we needed to invest in a good company and the search began. We came across Stone Building Solutions and I discovered that Tara Stone had many YouTube videos. I began watching them to better educate myself and understand these new laws. Impressed by her ability to easily break down and articulate these laws, we chose to higher Stone Building Solutions. Tara took the time to understand our needs and recommended several companies that she trusted. We trusted her and are so happy we did! From upgrading our 40year old cast iron pipes to redoing soffits and adding gutters. She waited for all that work to be done so our Reserve Study would be as accurate and current as possible. In that process she answered my emails and even took my calls while she was at a conference. She assured me that they would dedicate themselves to our association’s report and they did and they were great! Nathan was the Reserve Specialist assigned to us, and he also took all my calls, responded to my emails and patiently worked with me to get the most accurate information on our buildings. I highly recommend them! Thank you again Stone Building Solutions for your excellent work!