As a portfolio manager for many communities, my top priority is finding the right solution for my boards. Many of my condos needed the new milestone inspection and structural integrity reserve study due to the new Condo law that recently passed. I spent a few months researching a lot of different options and was lucky enough to be referred to Valerie over at Stone Building Solutions. She was quick to be able to identify which communities needed which services according to SB-154, and we were also able to complete our traditional reserve studies and valuation appraisals all in one inspection. They were always just a phone call away and Valerie was happy to meet with a few of my boards as well! Beyond the new law for condominiums, I had one property that they were able to help monitor a huge construction project for me. It was simply taking up too much time away from my other communities, so they stepped in and were able to provide a clear plan of attack, and even better save us money along the way! Stone is an excellent resource for communities!