Condo Law Updates?


Yes, we did another webinar. Call us Webinar Kings. Or webiNERDS.
Either way, nobody covers condo property laws like we do. No stone unturned.

If you know, you know SB154 is now law; condos & managers must comply with disclosure laws. But those are laws they may not know.
Watch our experts break down all kinds of community impacts.

Featuring Tara Stone, CEO of Stone Building Solutions, a top engineering & reserves firm; Phil Masi of Assured Partners, leading insurance brokers; Travis Moore, CAI lobbyist; and Jason Martell, a condo expert at Martell & Ozim – the webinar recaps SB154 implications:

1. Milestone, SIRS, turnover & insurance requirements.
2. Condo sales disclosures; failure-to-comply’s.
3. Construction defect & financial implications.