Florida “Glitch Bill” Revisions

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Ok, this is a BIG one. SB154 got signed into law; condos & managers into complying with disclosure laws. Laws they may not know.
Watch these experts break down all kinds of community impacts.
Info you need yesterday.

Featuring Tara Stone, CEO of Stone Building Solutions, a top engineering & reserves firm; Andres Marin of Marsh McLennan, a Florida insurance leader; and Rosa de la Camara, condo expert at Becker Law – the webinar recaps the ‘Glitch Bill’ revisions effective NOW:

1. Milestone, SIRS, turnover & insurance requirements.
2. New disclosures for condo sales; failure-to-comply’s.
3. Construction defect & financial implications.

Watch till the end and you’ll know:
1. Why BODs must act sooner than later.
2. What must be done and who must comply.
3. When inspections, notices and deliveries are due.
4. How regulations are enforced.

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