2024 FLCAJ Diamond Award Winners! 4th straight year.

Rockstars did it! 2024 FLCAJ Diamond Award Winners. 4th straight year. This win is for "Engineering, Construction and Building Services." And Stone Building Solutions is officially: Florida's 1st one-stop-shop for engineering, reserves, claims and appraisals. Pioneers in those 4 specific sectors. Nobody else combines. Florida's ONLY one-stop-shop AWARDED FOR ALL 4 of those sectors! Unrelated, it just so happens that… Continue Reading

“Effective Use Of Experts: The Key to Winning Your Case”

"How experts can move mountains or sink ships in property claims? Learn strategy, when to spend the money, who to hire, and when to bring in experts on losses. A not-to-be-missed, rockstar panel: AVP of Commercial Claims for Heritage Insurance, Joe Powers (can't get much closer to the top); the legend himself, George Keys; the CEO of engineering superstars at Stone Building Solutions, Tara Stone;… Continue Reading

Siri, define UNMISSABLE

A real step into 2024, reinforced by Senator Jason Pizzo (D) and Senator Jennifer Bradley (R) — titans of the bipartisan Condo Safety Bill, fixing Florida structurally & fiscally: 1. Safety & Funding: inspections, reserves, deadlines. 2. January Session - things that can actually pass. If your condo is 3+ stories and 30+ years old — there's a looming trifecta… Continue Reading

Lights, camera, rockstar! There’s only one Dr. Dudley McFarquhar.

Well, turns out we're not done winning awards. Our Lead PE, Dr. Dudley McFarquhar, PhD, decided to win some more as the first (Jamaican-born) African-American to be Chairman of the BETEC Council at the National Institute of Building Sciences (NIBS). Picture the nation's building leaders at the premiere meeting for "those who impact the built environment for solutions to greater… Continue Reading

Community association facts set in stone. Property laws included.

A recently concluded 2023 Florida Legislation Webinar, hosted by Stone Building Solutions' CEO, Tara Stone, has been a rock-solid success. Featuring Phil Masi, President of Assured Partners, one of Florida's top insurance brokers; and Jay Roberts, a condo expert at Becker Law - the panel breaks down: - Surfside "Glitch Bill" changes & tort reforms; - Milestone, SIRS and insurance impacts; - Construction defects and financial implications. https://www.einpresswire.com/article/641730793/tara-stone-phil-masi-and-jay-roberts-host-their-2023-florida-legislation-recap-webinar Continue Reading

Celebrating the Enterprising Spirit: Tara Lyn Stone Wins an Enterprising Women Champion Award

In a world where entrepreneurship is still a challenging pursuit, the annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards stand as a beacon of recognition for outstanding women entrepreneurs worldwide. This year, our spotlight shines on Tara Lyn Stone, CEO of Stone Building Solutions, who clinched an Enterprising Women Champion award in the Class of 2023 Champions. A Commemoration of Excellence… Continue Reading